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Join Our 28-Day Guide using the 4 weeks outlined in Keto Living Day by Day!

In my book, Keto Living Day by Day, much of the book is dedicated to walking you through the first four weeks of a ketogenic diet.  Not only is there a simple meal plan, but there is also some work to do ahead of time.

Here are five resources to help you get started on the four-week journey:Keto LIving Book

  1. There’s some reflection about why following a ketogenic diet is important to you (pages 94-95).  I’ve also provided a downloadable pdf so that you can complete the form for yourself if you’d like.  That form, Know Your Why, is available here on my website.  I also spend a good deal of time talking about hunger (pages 36-37), and top tips for starting, and staying, on a ketogenic diet (pages 108-110).
  2. Some people struggle with a keto diet because it seems vastly different from the way most of us eat.  In the book, I provide shopping lists and ample recipes, but starting with what you currently eat can be a good way to adapt to new eating habits.  For example, if you typically eat a cheeseburger at lunch, you can still eat the burger.  Just toss the bun and replace it with extra bacon, mayo, and/or avocado.  You will never miss that bun.  There is a form for you to use to look at your current eating habits and to list foods you enjoy that are already low carb, What’s on Your Plate?
  3. In the beginning, it can be important to log your food, so that you can see just how many grams of carbs you are eating.  In the book, and on my website, is a Daily Food Journal.  You can print as many pages as you like so that you can keep up with your macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs) for each meal.  Notice that I ask you to record the time of day as well as your hunger, so that you can learn to eat to hunger and so that you can be aware of how long a meal keeps you satiated.
  4. Even when the scales don’t move, we often lose inches.  It’s exciting to see our bodies shrink!  If you’d like, you can use this form to monitor your progress, Body Measurements BODY MEASUREMENTS – KETO LIVING.  Also, please read pages 96-107 to lean more about how to monitor progress.  Much of our progress happens when we change our attitude about food and eating.  I’ve also provided Mile Marker Summary to record your successes.
  5. Some folks don’t like to meal plan.  I understand that!  Even if you don’t use the meal plan for every single meal, it might give you ideas for meals to create.  We will be adding a new meal plan each week of the coming four weeks!  The meal plan for week 1 is located on pages 60-61 in the book.  Here’s the shopping list that goes with it.

So excited that you are going to join us on the 4-week, 28-day guide!  Looking forward to hearing about your progress and whether you enjoy the daily guide.  For Facebook Live posts from me each morning of the 28 days, you can join my closed group, Low Carb Journey to Health (Cooking Keto with Kristie).

Here’s a link to purchase Keto Living Day by Day on Amazon

WEEK 1: Meal Planning Guide
WEEK 2: Meal Planning Guide
WEEK 3: Meal Planning Guide
WEEK 4: Meal Planning Guide

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  1. I have watched many of your videos. I am up for the challenge as I need to get myself on track. Hubby not keto but I think I can work with it

  2. Kristie, I’m so excited my copy of your book arrives from Amazon on 6/25! I just made chicken soup and carnitas from the first cookbook and even my husband loved both recipes and he’s not even Keto!

  3. My book just arrived this past week, so this start date is good for me. July 4 visitors and a July 19 family birthday will be challenges, but I’m ready to try.

  4. I want to join. I need to lose 12 pounds by the endi of July. I don’t have the book .I want to do it. How do i start?

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