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Keto Living Day by Day Form 1: Know Your Why!

If you know my story, you know that I was desperate to lose weight.  Desperate.  I realized that my weight was not only hurting me, but hurting those I loved.  I was the mom who couldn’t.  I couldn’t play with my children, couldn’t walk with them, couldn’t ride bikes, couldn’t carry them.  I told them no far more often than I wanted.  When I decided to ‘lose weight or die trying’, I first spent time thinking about why this mattered so much.  I wrote down some of it.  When there were challenges, I reminded myself of the why.  There were days when I was able to reason with myself, “You can eat that Snickers, but if you do, you will remain permanently here as that mom who goes to bed at 6 pm and who can’t walk upstairs to kiss her babies goodnight.”  Remembering my why helped me to make good choices.  My kids or a Snickers bar?  No contest!


Size ten jeans for the first time in my life!

Day by Day I made good choices until one day, I was wearing a pair of size 10 jeans.  The first time ever in my life that a size 10 fit!

This form is for YOU to consider your ‘why’.  Is your weight impacting your health?  Does it impact your relationship with others?  Do you avoid social situations because you are embarrassed by your health and/or your weight?  Do you find it difficult to buy clothes?  Are you anxious about fitting in seats?  Write it down!  Put it all in a safe place, so that when you need it, you have a reminder that this day matters because this day gets you to a better tomorrow.

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