Cooking Keto with Kristie

Part I. Should you eat higher protein keto?

If you’re rolling along on your keto journey, losing weight, wearing smaller clothes, and feeling good, then keep rolling right along. Don’t let anyone stop you. 

If you’ve been bumping along more than rolling, then you may want to consider making some tweaks to your meals. Let’s walk through this slowly because there’s a lot of room for misunderstanding. 

First, the single most important gift you can give yourself is to be consistent. If ‘bumping along’ for you means not being able to stay on plan, then you may need to start with just making a 2-week commitment to keep carbs super low. Begin with the basics that I review here by eliminating food products (yes, I know other people use them, but they may be a huge obstacle for you). 

Second, if you’re new, please look at the Getting Started Guide on my website. Chances are you’ve been introduced to “pop keto”, and that’s not necessarily a healthy way to lose weight. And if it ain’t working for you, try it old school with whole, minimally processed foods. 

Third, remember a stall is not a stall unless you’ve gone several months without weight loss and without other measures of success. Use my Mile Markers of Success to help you look for measures other than the scale. 

Fourth, time to look at the numbers. Yes, I despise tracking my food, but…  if you really want to know how what you’re eating may be impacting you, get a pen and paper and write it down. Keep track of hunger as well.  My 5-day food log (printable PDF) can guide you. You can also use an app like Carb Manager that is keto friendly. Just make notes about hunger there. 

Finally, you’ve checked all of the boxes in the Getting Started Guide, you’ve kept a 5-day food log and you’re not making simple “pop keto” mistakes, but you’re hitting a wall. You’re frustrated. The same things you ate to lose weight are the things you’re eating now, but something is different. It may be time to consider higher protein keto.

Read Part II: higher protein. 

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  1. Thank you, Kristie – for this reminder. I have been in a Keto lifestyle for 18 months and have been within 10 pounds of goal for almost half that. I did track my food faithfully for the first year but last year just seemed to get in the way. Clothes still fit the same, but I still have the areas on my body with stubborn fat pockets. Since I am a couple months from my 70th BD, maybe this is just the way it is going to be. My lab results are all normal now and my AIC is 5.4 but I still wonder if I am being complacent and that is why I am at a plateau. I will follow your guides to see if I can shake things up a bit.

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