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Kickin’ off our 28-day, 4 week guide!

Are you ready to get ready?  I’m SO ready!

Today we cook!  Being prepared is a cornerstone of success, especially when you’re new to a ketogenic diet.  Just an hour or so of prepping today will help you to be successful all of this first week.  Yes, you do have the time today, so that you don’t need the time tomorrow!  If you look at the meal plan (pages 60-61 of Keto Living Day by Day), you’ll see the recipes and menu for the week.  There is a full shopping list and more details of the 28-day guide.

But WAIT! What if I’m traveling? What if I HATE broccoli? What if I’m only cooking for 1 or 2, instead of a big family? What if……

cropped-Family-making-cookies.jpg1. This week’s meal plan is exactly what I’d eat IF my family of 4 was all together. But we aren’t. Most of this week, I’m a ‘table for one’.  Here’s how I’m going to adjust the menu.

A. I’m not cooking pork tenderloin and I’m not making a lasagna–both of those feed a crowd. I have 3 chuck eye steaks, a big ole slab of pork belly, and a lb of hamburger meat. I’ll substitute those for the baked bacon, pork tenderloin, and lasagna.

B. I didn’t buy Brussels sprouts or spinach. I already have cabbage and zuchinni that I need to use, so those will be my veggies. Also, spinach as $3.00 per bag while Romaine was $3.00 for a pack of 3. That will last longer.

C. I’m still going to make the fatty burgers and the Blue Cheese dressing. I’ll likely use the Blue Cheese dressing instead of the Hot Bacon Fat dressing since I have romaine lettuce. I’ll also have it with burgers and chicken wings. Bonus! Blue cheese was on sale for $2.00 at my local grocer this week.

D. I’m not gonna make the breakfast sausage or bake the bacon for breakfasts. I’m going to enjoy the baked pork belly for breakfast instead. I’m also gonna have a chuck eye with a scrambled egg one morning. I have pre-cooked bacon to add to burgers or to enjoy for breakfast if I like.

In each case of making substitutions, I chose meat that was equally fatty, if not MORE fatty. I chose veggies that were equal in carbs if not LOWER carb. I’m still on the 28-day guide because this guide is about SO MUCH MORE THAN FOOD!

2. If you’re traveling, you still gotta eat! Fatty steaks, bunless burgers, chicken wings are all readily available while on the road for business or on vacation. No excuses! You CAN do this.

Would love to hear how YOU are doing your meal planning!

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  1. I started last Sunday after buying your new book! Weighed in today and have lost 2.6 pounds! Thank you Kristie for your sweet encouragement! You are such a blessing!

  2. Are you going to provide the recipes for those of us who are doing the 28 days but don’t have the book yet? I’ve printed out my shopping list but can’t find the recipes to follow.

  3. Camping this week. Made broccolli salad, boiled eggs. Coleslaw, cauliflower salad, prepped veggies for the grill. Brought steaks chicken thighs, pork chops, chicken breast for the grill. Bacon eggs and sausage for breakfast. Prepped fauxgurt for our last morning. Bought shrimp. Tuna and monk fish locally. I got this!

  4. Can you offer advice to someone that can’t have dairy .. only small amounts of red meat. Nothing from a can or box all 100% natural no night shades the list goes on but I know sugar and yeast aren’t an issue with Keto

  5. Hi Kristie, I speak for many when I say I love your new cookbook! My sister gifted my sister and I the new cookbook for Christmas. We were so excited to get it and we are digging in! We are connecting each other daily with recipes tried and comment about parts that hit home, make sense and resonate. I love the points you made about having the right mindset, it’s so important! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and your journey!

  6. I just came across your book at Costco today. I’m planning on spending the day tomorrow familiarizing myself with the four week protocol. Will I be able to join in your June 25 Group?

    • yes! We are still going at it day by day! The FB group is Low Carb Journey to Health (Cooking Keto with Kristie)

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