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Hi I’m Kristie!  You may know me from my YouTube Channel Cooking Keto with Kristie or my Facebook page Simply Keto with Kristie Sullivan.  I use both of those sites to help others learn more about a low carb high fat or keto way of eating.  So…who am I and why am I so passionate about this way of eating?

The short version is this:  I’ve been overweight, obese, or morbidly obese for 95% of my life.  I’ve also been dieting and/or starving during most of that time.  In June 2013, I was miserable because of my weight.  By the grace of God, a sweet friend suggested Gary Taubes’ book Why We Get FatIt resonated with my personal experience, so I decided to follow the eating protocol by Dr. Eric Westman that’s included in the back of that book. During the first 3 days, I was amazed at how I wasn’t hungry.  Within two weeks I knew I would never eat carbs again!  Fat is our friend! Who knew especially with so many weight loss professionals telling us to eat low fat?

My journey began at over 270lbs and continues with a roughly 100 lb weight loss.  I feel great; I’m off medications for back pain, and I’m able to enjoy my family.  What more could I want?  To help others! I’ve lived this struggle, and I see others struggle. 

Here’s what you need to know: You don’t have to struggle. Eating low carb high fat is easy once your body adapts. And I’m also here to prove that this “diet” is even more delicious than what you’re used to eating on a standard American diet. 

Since I started this journey, I’ve published five books to help others. My first book Low Carb Journey to Health was a labor of love not just by me, but by the volunteer followers who helped by taking photos, testing recipes, and proofreading and editing. The book was self-published, and it was done with a lot of love and imperfections.

My second book, Keto Living Day by Day, was  professionally published and written with a beginner in mind. The first 190 pages of the book is full of practical information for anyone who wants to get started. Not only did I pack those pages with practical information like how to handle holidays, how to know how much to eat, and why keto works, but I also provided a daily guide with meal plans and other content. 

The third book, Keto Gatherings is for anyone who loves to cook, and loves to eat. These are recipes that aren’t as simple as those in the first two books, but are perfect for special occasions. There’s a muffin recipe, an ice cream recipe, a birthday treat, and an adult cocktail included for every month of the year along with possible menus for every celebration you can imagine.

When I wrote Crazy Busy Keto I was writing from my experience as a mom of two very busy kids who made keto work while working full-time and staying involved with an active family. It isn’t always easy when you’re always in the run and frequently in different directions, but it is possible. 

Growing Up Keto is my latest book. It’s the book I wish my parents and I had when I was growing up. This is the story of my family. The kids, who also eat keto, helped create this book. Their stories are part of the book, and we tried to provide practical advice for parents and children. 

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  1. I love your spirit! Watching you is enjoyable and I am learning so much information to use on this new journey of mine. I weighed 376 lbs. two weeks ago and now I weigh 359. I understand the day to day struggles and I so want to tell you that I appreciate all the hard work that you have and continue to put in for people like me who need help. May God richly bless you for blessing others!

    • You made me cry!! Thank you. There are many times when I doubt whether I should do this. It takes time and energy, but I find few things more rewarding than helping others figure out this lifestyle.
      Congratulations on your progress. Please keep me posted. Hugs!!!

    • Please don’t stop doing this! You help keep me on track…lol you have such great information and I am always happy to see your videos on my subscribers list. Thank- you for the time and effort you put into this, it is greatly appreciated. Sending love from Kansas City!!!!

      • Right Back at ya Janie! Thanks for subscribing. I’m hoping to spend a little time linking YouTube and blog posts just to help make recipes and information easier to find and more organized.

  2. I almost gave up watched some of your you tube videos and became totally empowered thank you for all you do. Have a blessed day.. You look wonderful..

  3. Love you and your spirit,getting a grip on carbs thanks too you,making your mock potato salad today and didn’t know Duke’s is sugar free and carb free how could I have miss that over all these yrs and every diet know too man.lol this makes my day, every diet I go on stops the Duke’s ,starting too love fat had too step out on faith too do this diet because this is not what I have been told by Drs and family ,I still am a little scare too eat fat because my daddy’s whole family died of heart attacks but why am I overweight if I don’t eat fat so this tells me I am wrong and I am going too try this way of eating but what I am amazed about is where is all this energy coming from I use be really weak not acting like a teenager,lol loving it you are a God sent too me and other keep up the good work you are easy too understand and follow thank the Lord.

  4. Hi Kristie! I came to your site from your YouTube channel – which I just stumbled upon the other day – I’m so glad that I did! Your videos provide exactly the info that I have been looking for! I love that you provide meal planning ideas and shopping tips etc! What a wonderful resource! I am trying to get my picky-eater dad to follow an lchf lifestyle in order to help him avoid diabetes and high blood pressure meds! I’ve followed a lc paleo diet for years now but was having trouble finding was to make the switch easier on my dad- as I said he’s picky and I have been searching for things that he could eat that he would like in order to help him give up some of those things that he likes so much but just aren’t good for him right now (big problem is too much fruit!). I thank you so much for all the info that you provide! I’m still working my way through all your videos but wanted to stop by here to let you know how much your work is appreciated!

  5. Thank you for what you do & how you do it! You are so detailed with how & what to eat it’s so very helpful! I was excited to try this way of eating. I seem to love carbs but I also love meat & eggs & most proteins & fats! I have only managed to last for about 3 days before I cave in to the carbs tho! Do you have any advice on how to stick to it? I have had such a hard time with my weight any advice would be helpful! I saw your video on all the failures you have had & know you know what I’m going thru! I also live in NC! 😊

  6. Hi Kristie, I stumbled across your YouTube page while searching for a good recipe for Crack Slaw. Enjoyed all of your videos so far! I am an Aldi and Trader Joe’s fan, so those were terrific! I hate that TJ’s busted you!! (Thought you would have had their permission before filming!) I started keto like you did, by devouring all of the science I could on the topic. I’m down 30 lbs in 70 days, have 70 more to go! Just curious, what part of the country you are in? (The South obviously!!!)

  7. I didn’t know your story but I’ve enjoyed your YouTube videos and recipes… I can’t wait to get into reading your blog 😆

  8. You are such an inspiration! I have been in and out of keto for 2 years and have really been struggling lately. I was on you tube looking for inspiration and i found you! I am in Australia and dont have all the ingredients that you use, but just listening to you keeps me inspired. thankyou for being generous with your time and the effort you are putting in. Listening to your story was like me telling mine, just so similar in so many ways. it brought tears to my eyes as it did yours. You are making a difference in so many peoples lives. Thankyou

  9. Kristie,
    Hope you and your family are doing well. We miss your presence on YouTube. You are a great inspiration. Missing you and Grace dearly!

  10. hi kristie a company called bulk powders do a carb free syrup in 5 or 6 different flavours in 400g squeezy bottle..i have the maple one …its amazing…

    • I’d be careful using those. Just check blood glucose, especially if diabetic.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just found your you tube video where you shared your experience and history. It so resonated with me. Your candor, honesty and no nonsense approach to life is fabulous. I just ordered your two books and look forward to following you more. My husband and I have been eating keto but I struggle with my own lack of experience in the kitchen. We need simple meals that are teen friendly. So I appreciate your willingness to share your experience! Amy

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