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Week One Meal Plan for the 28-Day Guide!

Meal planning may or may not excite you.  If it doesn’t it, I understand, and I won’t hold it against you; however, if you like having a guide to meals that are truly low carb (or ketogenic), then I think you’ll like this.

In Keto Living Day by Day, I provide two simple meal plans.  The first can be found on pages 60-61.  The meal plans also include suggestions for meal prepping, which can be paramount to success, especially when you’re busy.

I’ve taken the meal plan for week one and created a shopping list.  The recipes are listed on the top left, and the shopping list begins on the right.  There are additional staple items that you will use in the bottom left column.

Week 1 Shopping List

You can download and print the list or save it to your mobile device, Checklist for Menu Plan Week 1

If you would like a blank Weekly Menu Plan with a food prepping column, feel free to download a blank form WEEKLY MEAL PLAN – KETO LIVING

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  1. Shared! I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time! This came at the perfect time for me! I have been back on Keto for about a week, but not with any planning. And it’s great that we can all do it together!

  2. Do you have to have the cookbook to participate in the 28 day plan or will the recipes be posted/available elsewhere?

  3. Thanks Kristie for all you do to educate and help people change their lives for the better! God Bless!

  4. Kristie, you are such a sweetheart for sharing all of your recipes and menus with us! THANK YOU very much, and God bless you and your family<

  5. Hi Kristie,
    We were just introduced to you and your recipes for low carb food preparation. The pizza dough recipe on youtube won us over!
    I am 58 years old in excellent health until last week when my bloodwork came back once again with very high cholesterol numbers so I am taking Simvistatin 20mg to control a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol. I have not eaten much meat at all over the last 10 years because my numbers have run high since my early 20’s. Is your diet regimen contraindicated for someone like me on a Statin? Thanks for your help on this!

    • Please, please, please read up about cholesterol and statins. Dr. David Diamond is an excellent resource.

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