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Week 4 Menu Plan and Shopping Lists

Have you been following the 28 day guide, in Keto Living Day by Day?   I hope that you have, and I hope that it has been helpful to you.   As we move into week 4, our final week of the 28-day guide, the menu remains simple with foods that are likely to already be in your pantry.  Many of the recipes on this menu guide can be made in 30 minutes or less, which is really important to me as a working mom with a very busy family.

Here’s your shopping list:  Checklist for Menu Plan Week 4

And here’s your Meal Plan: Week 4 Meal Plan

Let’s get to cooking keto!

Minute Omelet

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  1. Kristie , I’ve been admiring the gorgeous necklace you wear quite often. The silver double chain link you are wearing in this photo with your family. It is flattering and you look stunning. Would it be possible to share where you got it? I would like to get one too. Seems to be a versatile length too. Thought I might get it for myself as a reward when I reach goal.

    My journey has been a long and bumpy road with many hiccups (my husband was diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago) and food became my crutch. It would be so meaningful to wear a necklace which reminded me of you, your courage and strength which inspire me daily.

    I don’t belong to any social media, so haven’t been able to follow you on Facebook .
    I do the best I can by following along with your books, which are inspiring. Guess this sounds silly, but somehow if I were wearing your necklace, and felt the least bit like wavering in my goal I could reach up and touch it for strength.

    I plan to make this cake for my husband’s 75th birthday. He probably won’t know how much of my love will go into making it for him, as, besides dementiia, he has diabetes and heart trouble too. He loves toasted coconut, so you think I could toast the coconut for the topping and sides?

    • You can definitely toast the coconut and I hope that he loves it! I’m not sure where I got that necklace, but I think it came from a dept. store called Belk. It’s inexpensive costume jewelry. They do have an online store, so maybe you can find it there. Thanks so much for your sweet, kind words..

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