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What’s On Your Plate?

Transitioning from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a very low carb or ketogenic diet can seem like as if you’re moving to a completely different country where the currency (macronutrients) and language are very different.  Although it seems that way, some of us can make the transition by swapping out  just a few of our everyday favorites and by adding even more of the higher fat, tastier food we truly love!

Here’s what happened when I wrote down everything that I used to eat and then added foods that I can enjoy while following keto.  I marked through the foods that I would no longer eat, highlighted the foods I could keep and then added more food ideas in the column to the right. What’s on Your Plate_ An Inventory of Eating Habits (Sample) - KETO LIVING - 10

Notice that I can eat a lot of delicious foods!  Some were foods that I ate previously while some foods I was able to add because I was no longer eating low fat (bacon and butter, yes please!).

Also notice that while you’re basic shopping list might change a little, much of the food that we eat daily on a ketogenic diet is very basic and is readily available at local grocers.

So what’s on YOUR plate?  If you want to do this for yourself, download the PDF!


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  1. I am on day 6, I had started 3 months ago and lost 18 pounds but I didn’t really know what I was doing, I purchased your book and it explains EVERYTHING! I was counting daily totals for my macros and not meeting the percentages for each meal. Thank you so much Kristie!

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