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My basic pantry staples: Holiday Edition

It’s the season y’all. Recently I realized I was running out of sweetener and cinnamon.

Today, I’m low on almond flour and vanilla extract in photo (don’t worry, I’ve got another bottle waiting.)

And all of that reminded me that it’s time for me to take inventory of my baking supplies. Do I have “enough” to get through the season? 😳

So…if you’re planning to bake for Thanksgiving or Christmas or even Halloween, take note of the time of year.

Here are my basic pantry staples:
Almond flour
Oat fiber
Coconut flour
Whey protein isolate
Sweetener (Sukrin)
Vanilla extract
Pecans, walnuts, almonds
Baking powder

There’s a longer list of extracts and so on but these are the shelf stable basics that leave me saying “oh no! What am I gonna do?!” And derailing my plans.

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  1. I am low on sweetener; make my own vanilla extract. The initial start takes time but I have a beautiful bottle on the bakers rack ❤️

    Thank you for always showing us how living a keto life can be done with style and flair

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