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Growing Up Keto: What’s in the book?

Curious about the new book, Growing Up Keto, and whether you might enjoy it?
We put together this “inside” view to help you get a sneak peek. One of the biggest challenges when writing is deciding content. It’s all important, right? But there is a page limit. Our guiding goal throughout the book was to help readers to NOT feel deprived. This is delicious food we’re eating

Intro and front matter keto tips for kids and families
We loaded up the front of the book with our individual stories, family photos (yes, the kids have grown!), and tips for anyone who wants to get started on keto or low carb.

Then we went into the kitchen and shared basic food safety and sanitation guides, measurements, etc. My favorite part was writing the Kids in the Kitchen section and adding suggestions to each recipe to get kids involved in meal prep and clean-up.

When it came to recipes, we decided to focus on breakfast–a challenge for many families, main dishes–which can be eaten any time of day, and desserts–one of many ways to avoid feeling deprived, especially in the beginning. We included sauces because kids like to dip! And we included sides for fat and flavor. We even included celebratory beverages, again, because no one likes to be left out. There is also a bread chapter which I’ve never included before. Again, along the theme of not feeling deprived we wanted to provide options for biscuits, toast, rolls, and other bready types of food favorites.

The best kid-friendly and family friendly keto recipes

Most of these recipes are kid-friendly, easy to make, and/or provide a perfect replacement for nearly any craving. Some of do all!

Keto Breakfasts for kids
We tried to provide options without eggs as well as recipes that can be made quickly or in advance for hectic mornings. We also note that Grace tends to eat leftovers, so breakfast isn’t her thing unless it’s one of the smoothies she created. J tends to like bacon and eggs–overcooked eggs, so we included his version and mine! The peanut butter waffles and the granola are perfect for making ahead of time.

Keto and low-carb breads
My family generally avoids most of the bread substitutes now, but we have enjoyed these low carb biscuits, cheesy breadsticks, and sausage and cheese pinwheels. And even we will admit that a hot dog or hamburger bun feels a lot more normal at a cookout, especially when you can load it up with our Cookout Chili (in the sides chapter).

The biggest challenge in this chapter was figuring out if the bagel recipe went here or if it belonged with breakfast!

Keto Kid Approved Sauces and Seasonings
We love to dip chicken tenders (in the mains), bacon, and even some veggies, so we included sauce for Ranch, ketchup, and BBQ. These are all new recipes created to suit the kids’ tastes. Grace also created her own chicken tender sauce modeled after a favorite drive-thru sauce.

Keto Lunches or Dinners for Families
What’s for dinner? All the things! We tried to include kid favorites like chicken tenders, corn dogs, baked ziti, pizza (and even pizza soup), fajitas, and fish sticks while also including a few items to stretch their taste buds like the Shrimp, tomato, basil ‘pasta”.

My pickiest eater has almost always embraced kebabs or grilled meats, so we shared Chicken on a Stick and a delectable marinated beef kabob that all guests will ask for again and again.

The mains are mostly simple dishes that you will recognize, including some favorites you might be missing like the Broccoli Cashew Chicken, Asian Lettuce Cups, Calzones, or Beef Stroganoff. Yum!

Keto Sides and Keto Snacks for the family
Many of the sides can be used as mains if you add a protein to it as in the broccoli cheddar soup recipe or the cauli risotto.

And while snacks are often less important once fat adapted, who doesn’t want to make their own Nacho Cheese Chips?

Most of these are great for social gatherings or sleepovers and we even have an icon showing you which recipes are loved by our carbivore friends.

Keto Desserts for Kids of all ages
This was the hardest chapter by far because we wanted to include so many recipes that our family has enjoyed for various occasions.

Because this book is written for kids and families, we tried to stick to basics such as chocolate sauces, caramel sauces, ice cream in simple flavors (including dairy-free), cookies, brownies, cakes, and frostings.

We could not omit our super special concoctions like our own Sullivano (mimicking Milano) cookies devised at Grace’s request or our ice cream sandwiches.

Even the simpler recipes, like chocolate peanut clusters have fond memories for us, like the time that Jonathan ate two entire batches in one afternoon!

Keto Kid friendly Beverages
From chocolate milk to strawberry lemonade, we tried to include festive drink options that kids of all ages can enjoy. And if you’re a fan of Strawberry milk, we’ve got your recipe!

I won’t forget a gang of neighborhood kids showing up for homemade hot chocolate after sledding. I made two versions–one with sugar and one with sweetener. No one ever knew that my kids were drinking anything different, and they could all warm up and hit the hills again–no deprivation!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this little peek inside our latest project.

It was fun walking down memory lane as we highlighted some of the recipes we think you’ll love too!

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