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5 Deliciously Keto Recipes for Leftover Turkey

We all love fresh turkey freshly roasted, but what can you do with the 6 lbs of meat left from the 12 lb turkey on Thanksgiving day? We have lots of tasty ideas for you that will make your family thankful for leftovers.

These are favorites that sometimes use chicken, but that are delicious using turkey instead. 

My Number 1 choice for leftover turkey…….

Photo by Kim Vargo at Berly’s Kitchen

Turkey Pot Pie
From: Keto Gatherings

If you have the time, and you want to spoil your family once more, make my Chicken Pot Pie recipe with turkey instead of chicken. The original recipe was on youtube and also featured in Keto Gatherings, my book that celebrates with delicious keto options 365 days per year!

Check out my “Turkey” Pot Pie Recipe page

Leftover Turkey Recipe #2

photo by Jill Wallentin

Chicken No Noodle Soup
From: Diet Doctor

This hearty soup has the advantage or using bone broth and is especially comforting if you’re fighting a seasonal cold or flu. Not only do my kids love it, but you can see that their friends do too, on this video on Diet Doctor when Grace and her friend Sarah enjoyed it. It will be equally delicious with turkey!

Check out the Chicken No Noodle Soup video

Leftover Turkey Recipe #3

chipotle chicken salad

Chipotle Chicken Salad
From: Crazy Busy Keto

From my new book, Crazy Busy Keto, released November 26! This recipe is EASY and uses ingredients you can find anywhere and would be really tasty with turkey instead of chicken. It’s not your ladies’ luncheon chicken salad, this is one that anyone who appreciates a little spice will like. You can make it up quickly and put it in the fridge for those times when everyone is eating on a different schedule, or you can pack it in your lunch for an easy meal.

Check out my Chipotle Chicken Salad recipe

Leftover Turkey Recipe #4

Skinny Chicken Fried “Rice”
From: Keto Living Day by Day

From Keto Living Day by Day, everyone’s favorite, Skinny Chicken Fried “Rice”. Another easy dish, Skinny Chicken Fried Rice would work well with turkey and brings a little Asian flair for a change of pace after all of the traditional holiday favorites. Another kid favorite, the toasted sesame oil makes this dish stand out!

Check out my Skinny Chicken Fried Rice recipe

Leftover Turkey Recipe #5

Low Carb Gumbalaya
From: A Journey Worth Taking

Gumbalaya from A Journey Worth Taking and my YouTube channel, Cooking Keto with Kristie, this is a David favorite. Again, you will substitute turkey for chicken, which will be tasty with the smoked sausage and hearty seasonings. My family also prefers it without shrimp, which makes it a bit less expensive and makes leftovers easier to warm.

Check out my Low Carb Gumbalaya recipe

I hope you can stretch out your delicious turkey for a few more days in a few new ways.

We truly are thankful for your support through the years.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the entire Sullivan family!

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  1. Your low carb gumbayala receive has always been one of my favorites. I’ve made your fried rice using beef but love the thought of using leftover turkey!!

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