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While working on Growing Up Keto, we realized we had to trim down the recipes. We simply could not fit in everything we wanted to include. 

Among the recipes that didn’t make the cut were these adorable and tasty mini-layer cakes. They have simple ingredients and take mere minutes to make with minimal clean-up. Still, in the interest of providing a range of recipes, we made the difficult decision to exclude four flavors of cake and four different flavors of frosting.

Even before the book was off to print, those cakes had called to us, and we knew you would love them too. We also knew that the holidays were coming up right after the book release. And even beyond holidays, there’s always a reason to celebrate, right?

Fortunately, Victory Belt, our publisher, thought so too! They prepared this ebook of Mini Layer cakes to share with those who purchased advanced copies of the book. For two weeks, I fielded email requests and sent the ebook out to those who provided proof of purchase. 

And while I was happy to do that, I wanted to release the free Mini-layer cake ebook to everyone.  And so that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Whether you’re enjoying Growing Up Keto or even if you haven’t yet gotten around to ordering it, we want you to enjoy these miniature morsels of layer cakes.

All we ask in return is that you get creative with the frosting and cake combos and then let us know what you created!  Bonus if there’s a smiling face posing with the cakes. Tag us on social media with #cookingketowithkristie. Tell your friends about the free ebook, and get busy layering up cakes and frosting!

Download the free Mini Layer cake ebook here! 

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  1. What a treat!! I’m loving Growing up Keto and I’m super excited about this add on. Thank you Kristie!!

  2. Thanks so much! I just got two Dash mini bundt cake makers and I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out in it.

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