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Growing Up Keto Shopping List

Hey guys! I put together a NEW shopping list for Growing Up Keto so that you can be well prepared for when you have the book in your hot little hands.

If any of you who have the book already, have suggestions for things to add, I’m all ears!

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  1. Hi Kristie! I have this cookbook (Growing up Keto) and while i love the book…I’m struggling to understand the nutrition values. I use net carbs, so I subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carb count, but where some recipes also have oat fiber carbs added, do i add the oat fiber to the ‘other’ fibers listed? so i.e. tortillas have 5.4g carbs 4.2g fiber 2.7g oat fiber – do i add fiber + oat fiber to = 6.9g? then if i subtract that from total carbs(5.4g), i have a negative carb count?same with the crust baguettes- 4.4 total carb 3.2 fiber 2 oat fiber which also gives me a negative carb count- or is the oat fiber included in the fiber calculations?? Maybe I’m the only one who is confused? thanks!

    • There‚Äôs an explanation for nutritional values in the front of the book under the heading How to Use This Book. The oat fiber is not included in the fiber or the carbs. To get net carbs simply subtract the fiber from the carbs. In the example you gave it would be 4.4-3.2 for 1.2 net carbs

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