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New Recipe: Cranberry Kale Salad

cranberry kale salad

Kale salad?
Yeah, that’s the look David gave me when he saw me creating this recipe.

He doesn’t love kale. To be honest, I don’t love it raw. But I had this vision. And Diet Doctor asked me to create a Thanksgiving side.

So there I was massaging the outer end pieces of kale with olive oil to make it more tender. I discarded the tougher rib pieces to make it more palatable.

Then I put together the dressing—mayo, olive oil, orange zest, more orange zest, and a little more! The zest has a lot of flavor and 0 carbs. Bring me all the zest please! And then I juiced the orange because there’s about 1.7 total carbs in a tablespoon of orange juice. I knew that would add a little sweet and the carbs would be stretched over the entire recipe.

For texture, I decided to use some nuts or seeds. I went with pumpkin seeds since Thanksgiving, but it’s also amazing with roasted, chopped pecans. I tossed in some cranberries and some very, very, paper thin pieces of red onion before tossing it with the dressing.

Then I put it on the table. In front of David. And then I put a little on his plate. He grunted and asked, “Why did you put so much on my plate?” There was less than 1/4 cup of kale salad sitting there.

I gave the same amount to Grace and then more to myself. We had grilled smoked tenderloin to go with it.

A few bites later David said, “This ain’t bad. For kale.” I stayed quiet while he and G both helped themselves to a little more.

Y’all, I’m in love with this salad, and I’m especially in love with the dressing. I’ve had it with thick roasted turkey, and I know for sure that it’s perfect for Thanksgiving.

If you try it, let me know. And if you take exception to kale, you could try a different green with it or maybe even fresh spinach.

Here is the link to my Cranberry Kale Salad on the Diet Doctor website..

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  1. I tried it and it was delicious! Well, first time I tried it with lemon juice as mentioned in the notes, and it was way too sour. But, I liked it enough to try again, with orange juice, and it is totally delicious! I too am not normally a fan of kale.

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