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Keto Together – 10 Day Outline

Are you excited to get started Cooking Keto Together?  

Just to assure you that you CAN do this and to give all you planners a plan, here’s an outline of 10 days of cooking #ketotogether.

Don’t forget to share your meals as you create them using #ketotogether. You never know who you might inspire! 

DAY 1: Sheet Pan Meal (jump to Day 1)

Dinner can’t be much more simple than this. Toss it together and let the oven do the work while you attend to other things. In this example, we’re using chicken legs or thighs, but sausage links, bratwurst, or hot dogs work just as well. 

All you need is a protein, veggie, fat, and seasonings.  Well, an oven and a sheet pan too!  

DAY 2: Create your own cheese-crusted omelet inspired by Jill at Diet Doctor | (jump to Day 2)

You’ll need cheese, any kind will do. Scrounge up some protein–leftovers are GREAT for this. Veggies are optional and so is adding cream cheese and more cheese to the filling. 

Also, grab a skillet and a spatula. We won’t tell if you skip the plate and eat straight from the pan! 

DAY 3: Hunk of meat and slow cooker (jump to Day 3)

If “hunk of meat” doesn’t sound interesting, then you’re not really doing keto! Beef, pork, chicken, it all works, and we’ll adjust the seasonings depending on the meat.

You’ll need a slow cooker or you can use a 4-quart saucepan and low heat on a cooktop. Either way, it’s a simple and tasty way to make a one-pot meal with minimal work and maximum taste! 

DAY 4: Grilled meat with veggie packet (jump to Day 4)

Fire up the grill! And grab whatever veggies you have laying around. This is a great way to use up pieces and parts of veggies when you just have a little of this and a little of that.

No grill? Use your oven! You will need aluminum foil for this regardless.

DAY 5: Create a Casserole (jump to Day 5)

We love these one pot wonders that allow you to improvise with meats, veggies, sauce. Even if you’re dairy-free, you can enjoy the basic template that goes into creating any delicious casserole.

You will need an 8” or 9” baking dish for a smaller casserole or a 9’ by 13” for a larger family-sized meal.

DAY 6: Soup’s On! (jump to Day 6)

A slow simmered soup really does comfort the soul, and it’s a great way to cook less tender meats or to combine leftover meats. 

For inspiration, we did a FB Livecast and created my own soup using whatever was still in the kitchen. 

DAY 7: Skillet pizza hits the stove top (jump to Day 7)

Let’s think outside of the pepperoni and sausage box for this one. Maybe we’ll make a BBQ chicken skillet pizza? Southwestern flavors? 

Bring your leftovers, a 9-inch skillet, and see what we come up with. Tomato sauce to make a pizza sauce is optional.

DAY 8: Tinned meat salad (jump to Day 8)

Doesn’t matter what’s in your can–chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, or pulled pork, we can make it work in a cold salad. Just like the other days, there’s a formula to make this tasty, easy, and keto!

If you’ve got a bowl, a knife, and a large spoon, then you’re already prepared for day 8.

DAY 9: Stir fry frenzy (jump to Day 9)

Another one pot wonder as we toss everything into a large skillet! Even if you’re down to using canned meats, those are better fried!

You’ll need a 12-inch or larger skillet, fat that holds up to high temps like ghee, bacon fat, tallow, olive oil, or avocado oil. 

DAY 10: Meat-crusted quiche (jump to Day 10)

Breakfast for dinner on the last of our Keto Together cooking plan. We’ll use up our protein, veggie, fat in a delicious, creamy quiche. You can also make a frittata if you don’t want to make a meat crust. 

A deep-dish 9” pie plate will work, but so will a 9 by 12 baking dish or springform pan. 

It’s always fun to #ketotogether with all of you! XOXOXOXO

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  1. These meals sound so good.
    Checked my list off yesterday after watching your video Yesterday morning. I’m all set to go. I’m not new to LCHF lifestyle just got thrown of my path these past few weeks.
    Since I’ve got your today’s email I’ll go over the 10 days and see if I will need to substitute anything.
    Thank you so much for setting up these 10 days…a lifesaver!

  2. Good Morning Kristie!
    Just received your 10 Day Meals email this morning.
    After watching your video yesterday went and did my pantry,freezer, cupboard check list….looking good in all departments. Now going to compare the days meals to my list see if I need to do do any substitutes.
    So looking forward to Monday 10 Day Meal Plan Kick Off !
    Thank you for setting this all up . You Are the Best!
    Judy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Can’t wait to get back on track. I think I am just going to follow you from now on. I have been on to many other sites and I think I only need to follow 1. You are the Best and so down to earth. Can’t wait. Thank you Kristie. That’s my daughter’s name also. Spelt the same.

  4. I am excited about this opportunity to move out of the box in my thinking. It is easy to fall into a familiar routine and then dread my menus! This is an opportunity to explore some new ideas while Perhaps even learning new skills. Did my pantry, fridge and freezer inventory so I am ready!

  5. I am so happy you are doing this. It is going to be fun and I love the idea of you coming up with meal ideas. Besides you are my favorite Keto person.

  6. I am so happy you are doing this. As a Keto community I think it will be good for us and it will be fun. I like the fact you are setting up the meal planning for us. Sometimes I get stuck in a meal planning rut. Looking forward to starting, besides you are my favorites Keto blogger.

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