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Keto Together: Day 7 – The Skillet Pizza Challenge

Ready for a challenge? As if cooking from the recesses of your kitchen wasn’t enough….

I’ve got another challenge for you, especially if you’re a real traditionalist who doesn’t get more creative than adding pepperoni and cheese for pizza toppings. 

Meat Lovers, Margherita, Mushrooms and onions, Supreme, Super Supreme, and so on! We all love pizza. It’s one of the first things that those new to keto say they really miss. 

While trying to find the “Ultimate” keto pizza crust, we’ve pummeled cauliflower into “dough”, and melted cheeses and cream cheese  into puddles, all in the pursuit of the perfect foundation for our favorite pizza toppings. 

All the while we’ve overlooked one undeniable truth: The flavor ain’t in the crust. 

The crust might make pizza convenient, but does it really add anything more than carbs? It’s a great vehicle for shuffling the toppings from the table to your mouth, but if you scrape away all of the toppings and sauce, you’ve got a mouth full of nothing. It’s true!

Yet, we toil and tarry over creating a keto crust. We humans are strange, aren’t we?

Challenge One

Let it go! Stop wasting time and money trying to make a keto peg fit into a high carb hole. Save your carbs for a glass of wine or for adding peppers and onions to your toppings

Challenge Two

Pepperoni who? Sausage what? Pizzas with traditional toppings are tasty, but what if you tried BBQ Chicken pizza with thin slices of onion on top? Or try avoiding the carbs in the pizza sauce and make a fatty, creamy Alfreda to pair with chicken and spinach toppings. 

Maybe you’d like to try leftover pulled pork with some keto BBQ sauce, or a taco-topped pizza finished with a little chopped lettuce, fresh tomato, avocado, or sour cream.

Put on your thinking caps and see what happens!

Challenge Three

Make my skillet pizza! It’s one of the simplest recipes you will ever try. Whether you choose two toppings or 10, you won’t find this pizza difficult to make.
Just watch the for step by step instructions and to see Grace try it for the “first” time. (shaking my head). And here are a couple of other tips:

1. Cook or saute in advance any meats and veggies that you want to add as toppings.
2. Let the cheese melt into a single layer before adding any toppings.
3. Add Italian seasonings to the cheese before it begins to melt. The dried seasonings will pick up the fat and add a lot more flavor.
4. Use low heat so that everything is warmed, but so that the bottom layer of cheese is not burned.
5. When the toppings are heated through and the top sprinkle of cheese is melted, turn off the heat and let the pizza cool for 3-5 minutes before sliding onto a plate.
6. Use a pizza cutter to slice the pizza after it’s been plated.
7. Do not add pizza sauce to the skillet, but use it as a dipping sauce for the finished pizza.
8. If your skillet is 8” wide or smaller, don’t share.

Be creative, take your time, enjoy this easy, but truly delightful version of keto pizza! 

Looking for other pizza options? There are a few sprinkled throughout various books

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What toppings will you use? Don’t forget to tag me and use #ketotogether so that we can all share our meals together!

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