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Top Tips for Creamy Keto Cheese sauce

Say cheese!

No more clumpy gooey mess when making cheese sauce, right?  You promise?

Cheese sauce should be one of the easiest things you ever try to make, and it can be if you keep just a few things in mind.

It’s all about the cheese!

This technique for Creamy Keto Cheese Sauce can be found in my book “Keto Living Day by Day on page 199

Start with a quality cheese that you love. Cheddar makes it bettah! Gouda makes it gooder, and step back for pepper jack!  

I make cheese sauce with any of those and have even been known to toss in odds and ends of various cheeses for a melody of flavors.

Three cheese sauce rules you never want to break.

First rule for selecting cheese:  Buy a block and shred or grate it yourself.

Pre Shredded cheese has starches added to keep it from clumping. Those same starches will make your cheese sauce clumpy rather than smooth and creamy.

Second rule: Let the cheese come to room temperature while the cream and butter simmer. The simmering cream will thicken and your cheese will warm so that it won’t be shocked when tossed into the warm cream mixture.

Third rule: Remove the cream and butter from heat and stir in the cheese a little at a time. Keep stirring until all of the cheese melts. Stirring helps to lower the temp and to keep the sauce creamy. 

If you don’t follow those last two rules, you’re liable to have a clumpy, greasy mess. The sauce breaks when the proteins in the cheese separate from the fat and there’s no fixing that. Low heat and adding room temperature cheese a little at a time can help you to avoid that. 

Reheating leftovers

Yeah, it’s rare to have leftover cheese sauce, but if you need to warm sauce, do so on low heat. No microwaves! Add a bit of cream, butter or even a few tablespoons of broth if you need to, but keep the heat low and even and whisk or stir the sauce so that it doesn’t break. 

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