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Raiding my Pantry – Keeping it Keto during Quarantine

During the “Stay at Home” order we aren’t going out to the grocery store as much…so what can we do to stay Keto? Well I decided to raid my pantry to see what I had…and then come up with a plan for all the different things I could make with what I found.

I gotta tell you I was pretty pleasantly surprised.

Watch the video for inspiration and go through my books to find the right match for what you find when you raid your pantry.

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  1. I just cleaned my refrigerator for many meals last week. Now I need to tackle the pantry. I’m sure I have at least 2 weeks meals in there. Thanks for the suggestions for the “spices” and “Oils” to use.

    • Evelyn, I was just telling my husband this at the beginning of the pandemic: we have more food than we think we do. I think we tend to forget about our pantries, but they’re usually the place where all the cool treasures are found! (I was chuckling at Christy talking about “finding” the sun-dried tomatoes.)

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