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Let’s talk about Cholesterol!

Let’s talk about cholesterol. We have so many questions that come in about the effects of keto in cholesterol levels…and we hear about so many doctors that actually warn patients away from the #ketolifestyle because they just don’t know the facts! So…let’s talk about it.

Here’s the reference links I mentioned

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  1. When I recently got a life insurance policy they took some blood work and my cholesterol was high, I explained to them it’s because I’m doing keto lifestyle (keto diet – whatever you want to call it). Didn’t matter to them, my policy is higher because I am healthy w/high (as their standard goes) cholesterol numbers.

  2. After eating completely Keto for one year, my LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 60 points! Same for triglycerides and blood pressure. Luckily, my doctor knows that I will not take statins, and is in complete agreement that Keto is the way to go.

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