Santa’s Favorite! Shortbread Cookies

If you’re looking for a way to help Santa keep his round figure, these cookies won’t help!

Shortbread Cookies

Cut in rounds or grab your favorite Christmas themed cookie cutters to make cookies with the kids!

Instead, these cookies will help Santa stay trim and healthy as he makes his way around the globe.  Sugar-free and gluten-free, these offer a healthier low carb option than traditional holiday cookies.  In fact, the dough is sturdy enough, when cold, that it can be used for cutout cookies.  Be sure to let the baked cookies cool completely before decorating as they will be very soft when just out of the oven, but will firm up as they cool.  These cookies were included in the December chapter of my newest book, Keto Gatherings, and I’m very excited to share these here with you in time for the holidays.  So find a kid and get to the kitchen!  Holiday baking can be part of a healthy ketogenic lifestyle.

*A note about oat fiber.  There are only two brands that I recommend, LifeSource or Trim Healthy Mama.  If you use a different brand, then you may not love the results.  Also, oat fiber is the pure insoluble fiber from the outer husk and is not the same as oat flour or oat bran.  It generally must be ordered online from a source such as Netrition or Amazon.  Also, you can substitute 1 tablespoon of coconut flour for the oat fiber.  The texture and flavor will be slightly different.


Shortbread Cookies 

Makes 24 cookies (1 per  serving)

1½ cups blanched almond flour

1/3 cup granulated sweetener

3 tablespoons oat fiber*

¼ teaspoon salt

5 tablespoons unsalted butter, cold

2 large egg whites

1 teaspoon water

1½ teaspoons vanilla extract

Combine the flour, sweetener, oat fiber, salt, and butter in a food processor and pulse until the mixture has the texture of coarse crumbs. Add the egg whites, water, and vanilla extract and process until a thick dough forms.

Roll the dough into a 2-inch log. Wrap the log in plastic wrap or parchment paper and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350ºF. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Cut the dough into 1/8-inch slices. Place the slices on the prepared baking sheet.

Bake for 6 to 8 minutes, until just golden brown. Remove the cookies to a cooling rack and let cool for up to 4 hours. The cookies will be soft when removed from the oven but will firm up as they cool. The longer they sit on the cooling rack, the more crisp they will be.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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  1. Love these Kristie and are definitely making them. I have Keto Gatherings of course but very sweet of you to share this recipe!

  2. These are my favorite cookies, I want to make them with cookie cutters, should i chill the dough before i roll it out to make cut out shapes? are there any tips to making the cookies this way or is it just normal straight forward directions? Thank you so much, Happy Holidays.

  3. Using to make a low carb fruit pizza to bring to festivities tomorrow. Using a cream cheese type topping and sliced berries and blueberries. Can’t wait to try it! I rolled it out and used a pizza pan lined with parchment and baked it longer.

  4. LOL I had the hardest time finding oat fiber… I was making Pumpkin Spice cookies and thought “I will just make my own oat fiber” I had plain good ole fashioned oats in my pantry, to I took some and put them in my bullet, pulsed them until I had “oat fiber” and viola` my cookies came out perfect (and making my own was a whole lot cheaper”. My cookies were a hit and people were begging me for the recipe. I also added keto butter cream frosting on top and a few pecans…….

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