Meal Planning

Meal Planning: What’s For Dinner?

Meal planning is definitely a love/hate thing for me.  While I love having a plan, I hate having to take the time to stop and thing about each day of the week in advance.  What I’ve found is that if I look at what’s in my freezer, what’s on sale, and consider my family’s schedule, then meal planning keeps us on plan without my losing my mind during the week.  Meal planning also helps me stretch our food dollars.

One of the primary reasons why I meal plan is to keep a variety of delicious low carb meals available for my family.  I can’t have them getting bored and sneaking out for carbs!  Like most families, we tend to have very hectic schedules.  Meal planning keeps me from throwing up my hands at the last minute and hitting a drive thru.  By looking at our schedule ahead of time, I know which nights I’ll have time to cook and which nights we all just need to have something to warm up.  Leftovers are welcome at our house and often become lunches taken to work or school.

You can access this week’s meal plan here:

This week’s meal planning includes chicken quarters, lamb burgers, pork belly, beef roast, and seafood.
For sides, I’ll make Trader Joe’s roast cauliflower, shaved Brussels sprouts with bacon, squash casserole (see video for recipe), roasted green beans, marinated mushrooms, and broccoli salad.

The squash casserole video is here:
Grain-Free Low carb Squash Casserole: 

It’s a low carb feast!

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