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Have you ever been satisfied on a “diet” before?

David and Grace

Toddler Grace was obsessed with following daddy and helping him fix things (she still enjoys it). They were “fixing” her trike. I snapped this photo from an upstairs window, and am still moved by the sweet happiness in their faces. ❤

What you can’t see in this photo are all of the tools scattered around them. Wrenches, screwdrivers of every sort, hammers– from Grace’s very own first toolbox.

To avoid tantrums, encourage her curiosity, and to keep her and David’s tools safe, we bought her very own set of tools, as close to daddy’s as we could find. We never focused on taking away daddy’s tools, but we focused on giving her safe tools.

See that happy face? No tantrums when you’re satisfied.hmm…. SATISFIED.

**Have you ever been satisfied on a “diet” before? **

On a diet, my inner toddler wants to eat what I want, when I want it even if those foods aren’t “safe” for me. Taking AWAY foods is like punishment. I will obsess over what I can’t have even as an adult.

What helps (infinitely for me) is not taking things away, but giving myself tasting and nourishing foods. Oh, I can be “deprived” temporarily on a low fat, calorie restricted diet, but I cannot sustain that. The evidence is in the 100s of pounds I’ve lost and gained and lost over my lifetime.

Some people say keto is too restrictive. It IS when you’re focus on all the things that you can’t eat, BUT if you challenge yourself to focus on what you CAN enjoy, then you’ll find deprivation is what happens when you’re sick, morbidly obese, and watching life go by without you.

Over the years, we’ve gifted Grace two more tool boxes. The most recent at school with her now, and she’s looking to major in engineering.

Focus on what you CAN have–bacon, steak, Ranch dressing, creamed spinach, deep dish pizza, blueberry muffins, pancakes, bacon, cheese-crusted omelets, pork belly, chicken wings, bacon… and this “diet” becomes a lot easier.And don’t forget, keto also gives you (has given ME)… smaller clothes (no more plus sizes), better mobility, fewer or no medications, and better overall health with that side of bacon!

If you’re just starting keto, you might want to check out my website with the Getting Started list, the Top 10 Tips for Getting Started, or just start on your own by listing ALL the yummy foods you can eat now. The list is LONG and it tastes better than any “diet” food should.

#makeprogress What’s your CAN eat food that keeps you from throwing tantrums? What do you enjoy now while also enjoying better health?

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