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Keto Dutch Babies Collection

pumpkin spice dutch baby

A Dutch baby reminds me that it’s often the little things that are most delightful.

Just a few simple ingredients, takes minutes to whip up, and can be modified to accommodate different flavors—what’s not to love?  

The original Dutch baby I created for Keto Living Day by Day was a simple cinnamon flavor.  The second recipe, also in Keto Living Day by Day is savory with bacon and Swiss. David’s favorite.

As fall came around, I created a pumpkin spice flavor and shared it here

The third Dutch baby was born before Christmas, and I shared that recipe on The Diet Doctor website. Can you guess the flavor?  Warm Gingerbread Dutch baby!  

Have you tried them?  If so, what’s your favorite? 

dutch baby
My original Keto Dutch Baby
pumpkin spice dutch baby
The Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby
savory dutch baby
The Savory Dutch Baby

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  1. I made my first one as a result of your lovely Mother’s day post! It is such a versatile recipe and the savory one, which is my favorite, can be made with so many different ingredients. Gingerbread is most definitely one is up next!

  2. The classic Dutch baby is my favorite! So delicious!! I usually double the batch since I can never remember to let the ingredients come to room temperature, so when I do, it’s better to just double it.

  3. I have yet to try the pumpkin nor the gingerbread one, but I will! This is the right time of year 🙂 They are beloved by any and all I serve them to. I think David is on the right track, though, as various tidbits of leftovers make wondrous babies.

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