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I rarely eat salads but when I do…

A salad!
I rarely eat salads but when I do…

Gotta make sure of three things
1. Keep carbs low.
2. Get adequate protein.
3. Have sufficient fat.

Tasting good is a requirement too of course.

So…I pulled everything out of the fridge and found
Leftover pork tenderloin (protein)
Lettuce (carb)
Avocado (fat and carbs)
Bacon pieces (fat and protein)
Cheese (fat and protein trace carbs)
Salad dressing (fat and trace carbs)

Together, it was perfect.

Notice I didn’t add a lot of veggies. Instead I focused on sources of protein and fat.

This kept me full for 6 hours!

So a hardy salad is a good thing as long as you pay attention to the three requirements above. 😘

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  1. Thanks to your post on Facebook I finally subscribed to your email newsletter so now I can find your posts much faster. I had a salad like that last night. Normally I don’t care for salads but I loaded it up with protein and fat. Only veggie I had was 1/2 cup of lettuce.

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