Cooking Keto with Kristie

Keto through surgery and recovery

Keto through surgery and recovery is tough but it is possible. Here’s how we did it.

Nothing to eat after midnight. David had a high fat dinner of sausage with cheese with bacon before bed.

Because he was fasting, I fasted. Wasn’t about to eat in front of him. He had black coffee until 10:30. I had a coffee and water until he went back for surgery at 2:00. Then I had my Roltino packs. Great fat and protein. It’s prosciutto rolled over cheese and salami rolled over cheese. Delicious!

David had requested my blueberry muffins for recovery, so I had brought those for him. I’d also thrown in a pack of precooked bacon just in case. The muffins were perfect!

Was glad I’d brought food. They offered him graham crackers 😳 and you can see the vending machine options in the photo.

When we got home after 6:00 pm, there was a roast ready that I had put in the crockpot that morning with radishes, onion, and celery. David enjoyed that for dinner and It was nice to avoid cooking.

I did have to plan ahead a bit and I made the muffins ahead of time so he wouldnt have to smell them the morning of surgery. 🙂
But it’s doable!

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  1. You always give the best advice. Thanks to you and your family for all you do in helping others make healthier decisions and make better life choices. Godspeed in your recovery.

  2. I’ve had surgeries every year from 2015 and was able to skip one year in their so I know, the hospital food is terrible!! I have another surgery next month but coming home the same day so that’s a plus and since I only eat once a day it doesn’t bother me to fast and go into surgery and my doctor was doing keto last I knew! Hoping for a good recovery for your husband!

  3. I love that you show how it’s not only possible to stay on plan, but that’s it’s really not that hard with a little planning. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been praying for you and your family through this ordeal. So happy you had a successful surgery day and a great meal for you and David when you got home. May the Lord bless you and heal David.

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