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After the weight loss…what size do we wear? Lacie’s NSV.

We love that our members share their NSV’s with us every day..because no doubt someone else in the group can relate to their story and it helps bring us all together. It is great knowing you are not alone in your weight loss journey.

Lacy recently had an NSV that many of us can identify with….after the weight loss….what size do I wear?

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  1. So true! Congrats! I had a similar experience I went to get a Christmas outfit took multiple sizes most too big. Could not wrap my head around the MED fitting…. I was a 4x a year and half ago. Loved a sweater and my “size” was not there. Took the size I thought might fit ( thought a Med) tried it in and showed Mom. We both liked it! Went to pay for it and it was a Small! I went to rack to get Med because I thought no way am I a small! And I had tried it on!!! No others left so ….. I bought it! 😊

  2. began with 2x and 22 ….. now in a 12/14 I have found my love for shopping again. I used to come home ending up with a new pair of shoes or piece of jewelry …. and NOW my closet and drawers are filled with COLOR and prints not just mostly black and cover ups!! KETO ON

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