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Georgia Woman Kills Bobcat With Her Bare Hands


The headline grabbed my attention, and I couldn’t resist reading a news article about a 46-year-old woman who defended herself against a rabid bobcat.

As she readied herself for the attack, one thought raced through her mind: I’m not going to die today. She met the wild, rabid animal as fiercely as it met her, with the sheer determination to survive.

When she described the attack, she said she grabbed  the animal’s shoulders to push it away. She slowly inched her hands up to its neck and began to strangle it. Remarkably, she fought the bobcat as quietly as she could, without screaming, because she didn’t want to wake her young granddaughter who was sleeping inside the house. She was afraid the granddaughter would hear them, come outside to investigate, and then also be attacked.

According to the interview, she held the sick bobcat by the throat until help arrived and her son ended the struggle by stabbing the animal to make sure it was no longer a threat. The ordeal left her with broken fingers, puncture wounds, and scratches, followed by the long and painful treatment for humans exposed to rabies.

Stories like this have a way of making one wonder, “What would I have done?” Would I have had the sheer will and determination to kill a bobcat with my bare hands? And even if I could, would I have had the presence of mind not to scream, in order to keep a child safe?  Would I have known to methodically inch my hands up the bobcat’s neck, understanding that was my only real chance of survival?

The story is remarkable not only because she killed the rabid animal with her bare hands, but that she survived because she willed it so. She couldn’t avoid the attack, but she clearly understood that it was going to be her or the bobcat that lived, and it wasn’t going to be the bobcat.

Many times obstacles can be overcome with simple grit and determination. When we’re committed to the outcome of “not gonna die today,” the means become easier. We commit to finding a way rather than hoping or wishing it so.

Each day, working with Diet Doctor, I see folks fighting their own version of a bobcat. For some it’s a battle with weight, choosing the best foods, fighting a strong addiction to food, wrestling with body dysmorphia, or even struggling with disordered eating. I, too, have had the fight of my life with my weight. To stay on plan, I have to greet each day, each meal, with “not today”.

Throughout my journey I’ve used the words,“just for today” to help me stay on track. When I’ve wanted the brownie or the popcorn or just a serving of potatoes, I reminded myself of that phrase. Just one more day I’m going to survive. I’m going to hold tight to eating the right foods. Tomorrow, I just might, but not today. Today I’m choosing my health. Today I’m going to see how it looks when I stay on plan because I know what happens when I don’t.

Today, it’s me or the carbs, and it’s not going to be the carbs.

If you’re struggling with the fight of your life, you can find additional support and meet other members who are fighting their own battles in my Facebook group, Low Carb Journey to Health. We are nearly 200K strong, and every single day people from all over the globe are winning the battle. Join us?  

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  1. Well written! You have reminded me of the age-old questions: Are you a victim or a survivor? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Let’s be survivors! Let’s eat (drink and be merry) with foods that are part of our solution!

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