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Joy, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyed

That word has popped up in at least 4 different places for me over the past week. And all in the context of food…

First, there was a conversation about the upcoming holiday season and someone said, “What if someone just wants to enjoy the holiday and eat whatever they want?’ I cringed without saying, “As if you can’t enjoy a holiday without food. The holiday is NOT the food.”

And then, I read, in a group, someone say, “I’m going to enjoy my weekend and that means I won’t think about what I eat.” Again, my gut flinched as I thought, “What does food have to do with enjoying? Can you actually enjoy food that makes you sick? It’s like someone with a peanut allergy saying, ‘Imma have a peanut butter sandwich because I deserve to be happy!’ My body is carb intolerant. Joy, happiness, it ain’t in that cake, pie, or pizza.

Next up, I’ve been hanging out a bit more on Instagram and I saw a post from an “influencer”, someone that I don’t think has ever been really overweight, but who has books and talks about better health, and she posts a photo of her buying high carb treats and bread and explains that these are pleasures for her. And another influencer comments that she doesn’t want to live in a world without…. and proceeds to list carbs. And I’m over here thinking, “WTHeck is wrong with people? I’d be sick and fat and miserable if I ate that stuff. A world without highly processed and refined carbs? Absolutely! Sign me up! Put me on that rocket ship. I don’t want to live in a world without sunflowers, puppies, my loves, or cozy socks, but carbs? You’re kidding right? And I scrolled.

And then I got THE QUESTION, “So how do you enjoy the holidays without all the food?” and I felt empowered to answer, “Because I finally realized that joy has nothing to do with the food. In fact, it’s the focus on food that ruined many of my holidays. On keto, I can eat ONE Thanksgiving meal and feel satisfied all day without a nap, without stretchy pants. On keto, I don’t end the “joyful” holidays having gained 5 lbs. In fact, I lost 3 pounds during my first keto 2-week Christmas vacation. And I got smaller pants that I could wear. And I focused on talking to others more than hanging around the buffet, and I smiled front and center in photos with my kids. And we took Christmas morning pajama photos, because I could finally fit in matching ones!

How’s that for joy?

If you’re worried about the holidays, take food out of the equation. Start now deciding how you can ENJOY without the old high carb temptations.

This will be out 7th SEVENTH holiday season on keto. Fa la la la la, there’s true joy in the journey! 😘
And these photos are from last Christmas morning in our first year EVER having matching pjs. Lots of joy for this mom at least! 🤣

J Christmas
“J” excited about matching PJ’s and his new book
G Christmas
Aren’t the PJ’s adorable?

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