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creme brulee

Pumpkin Spice Crème Brulee

So impressive and so easy! If you can separate an egg, and you can, then you can easily make this classic dessert. I’ll confess to being one of those who nearly always skipped the water bath. Please don’t! The texture is so much better if you let those […]

meal prep

Our meal prep this weekend…..

Our meal prep this weekend. Double batch of Chipotle Chicken salad (Crazy Busy Keto and website), Curried Chicken (Journey to Health) and David used the Big Green Egg to smoke a pork butt which I’ll shred and use for pulled pork tomorrow night and use the leftovers to […]


Keto Frittata

My frittata helped David survive Keto—yes the man doesn’t eat eggs but he eats frittatas because I hide the eggs in stuff he does like. Baked in a large casserole, it’s easy to slice into different portions. He grabs out a portion and often eats it on the […]