Cooking Keto with Kristie

Traveling Keto…difficult but not impossible.

Traveling keto!  

So as you probably know I spent much of the last week in Stockholm. Eating Keto when traveling can be difficult….but if you plan well you can certainly pull it off….unfortunately there is a saying about best laid plans….

So the Friday morning I’m leaving for Stockholm……..I did have a meal planned, but forgot breakfast, had no time for lunch, and I left my traveling meal in the dang fridge. At home.

So, what do you do when you don’t have a lot of options at the gate? Like NO restaurants or no time to sit down and order?!

Found these! 

The eggs, cheese, salami, cashews and black olives gave me about 4 total carbs and provided me with 28 grams of protein and 36 grams of fat!  Not too shabby for an on the go, forgot my charcuterie kind of meal!

The eggs came with salt and pepper packs and I managed to pick up a packet of mayo from a sandwich shop so my fat was a little higher than that. It sustained me and was my first (and only) meal of the day after rushing around packing.  

The “food” on the first flight was my choice of pretzels, cookies or Stroppwaffel. No thanks y’all.


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  1. That was an excellent save the day meal Kristie! Another great example for us that anything is possible to keeping it keto!

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