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low carb chili

Low Carb Three Meat Chili

Makes 8 servings This very low carb chili makes 8 generous servings.  Consider that there is three pounds of meat in the recipe which ensures that it is hearty and filling.  One of the reasons that I’ve added so much meat is because chili can be high carb.  […]

Cinnamon Soul Bread

Did your mama ever wake you on a cold fall or winter morning with some warm cinnamon bread?  You know the kind.  It warmed you just by the smell alone. I loved waking up to it, and I loved devouring it warm with butter.  This recipe makes a […]

Celebrating Sweet G with Grandmother’s Coconut Cream Cake!

When I took the first bite, I nearly cried.  My eyes closed, I was transported to my Grandmother’s kitchen just as it was when it was overwhelmed by Christmas baking and cooking.  It was G who pulled me back in time as she said, “Mom, is it wrong that I’m really glad that Dad doesn’t like coconut?!  I really don’t want to share this!”  We savored that cake, each being considerate of the other and only having a few bites over several days.  As I offered her the last crumbs, she said, “This.  Mom, THIS cake is what I want for my birthday.”