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eating in stockholm

Dinners in Stockholm?

Thought you guys might want to see our menus or menu options this week while Kristin P and I are working and eating in Stockholm. Tonight, we will choose from this menu. For the other nights, the menu is chosen and we will eat a common meal, choosing […]

low carb chili

Low Carb Three Meat Chili

Makes 8 servings This very low carb chili makes 8 generous servings.  Consider that there is three pounds of meat in the recipe which ensures that it is hearty and filling.  One of the reasons that I’ve added so much meat is because chili can be high carb.  […]

Kristie & David

Joy, enjoy, enjoying, enjoyed

That word has popped up in at least 4 different places for me over the past week. And all in the context of food… First, there was a conversation about the upcoming holiday season and someone said, “What if someone just wants to enjoy the holiday and eat […]

Crazy Busy Keto unboxing

“Crazy Busy Keto” unboxing

The very first copy of my new book “Crazy Busy Keto” has finally arrived….and it’s time for the official “unboxing”…..with the help of “J” and the dogs of course. Can’t wait to share this book with all of you! The book will be released on November 26th online, […]