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The Keto Dough ebook is now part of a keto bundle!

Keto Infostack

I’m excited to include my Keto Dough ebook in the Keto Lifestyle 3.0 package.  While you can still purchase the Keto Dough ebook for $6.99, the Keto Lifestyle 3.0 bundle is only available for the next week, and for that week the Keto Dough ebook will be part of a much larger package with other contributors.

The entire Keto Lifestyle package is $49.00, but you not only get my ebook, you get a lot more content in the bundle. 

I gave these folks my Keto Dough ebook to be part of this bundle because I really believe it can help some people but, as I feared, some of the other stuff is questionable. Here are the 5 things I would recommend. I’ve no idea about some of the others, but those DANG Smartcakes and that tea crap….��

1. My Keto Dough ebook is still $6.99 on my website and part of this $49.00 package

2. Karen Thomson has an 8-week Sugar free plan that looks good. She has a good interview on Diet Doctor.

3. Drs. Micheal and Mary Dan Eades are great and they have “The Quick-Start Plan“.

4. Maria Emmerich has The Keto Starter course which could be good.

5. There’s a 20% discount off Kevala products and I really like their coconut butter. Their products should be safe.

Other than that, I cannot recommend any other content. If you know something to be good (or bad), please let me know. I would strongly caution against the SmartCakes and the “superfoods” tea or drinks.

IF people want the resources, it’s probably worth it for the 5 things I mentioned, but, as you know, it’s really not necessary for success. ��

Check out the bundle here  Keto Lifestyle 3.0 package and let me know what you think.  I’ll keep you updated as the week rolls on about what other items in the bundle I think are worthwhile.  

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