Cooking Keto with Kristie

Past chibo classes are now available for purchase!

I have some great news!

The recordings for our previous chibo classes are now available…….here’s what we did.

If the recipe is in Growing Up Keto (like the rolls and the deep dish pizza) videos are $5.00. In case you don’t want the whole book or if you just want access to the video. The two recording not in the book are $10.00 and that’s tiramisu and and then crepes (sweet and savory).

The link is

So that leaves me thinking about NEXT Chibo classes. I’m thinking 1. Savory holiday appetizers including dips and “crackers”. 2. Buttercream! Italian meringue and Swiss meringue. It’s all about technique 3. Instant pot cheesecake (option of three flavors but we cover technique. You will get the recipe for all three)4. Picking something savory from my recipes in the making files. 🙂🙈What Chibo classes would you like in the future and especially between now and the new year. 😘

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    • It’s a platform I was using to offer cooking classes, so it’s the name of a company.

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