Cooking Keto with Kristie

Online Class: Keto Rolls without Rolls sponsored by Tuit Nutrition

My last chibo Online Cooking Class sold out…..but as always chibo is allowing folks to purchase a recording of the class for just $10. Everyone who registered joined us for a fun, interactive, educational and very delicious class and we’re sorry you missed it.

The deadline to purchase this class is June 4th at midnight!

We made Keto Rolls…without Rolls!

Everyone who purchases the class will get a link with the list of ingredients so you can shop ahead and be ready.

We were so happy to have Tuit Nutrition as a sponsor for this class. I’ve told you about my friend Amy Berger and her wonderful e-book, The Stall Slayer.….well if you use the code “Kristie” you can save 15% off “The Stall Slayer” on her website

This versatile recipe can be used to make rolls for sandwiches, hot dog, or hamburger buns. Just in time for easy summer grilling or picnics.


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  1. Please explain why it is worth $10 of our hard-earned money. Such recipes are all over the Internet, including YouTube. I personally think you are asking way too much.

    • I’ve been doing the cooking classes as a way to interact with others. I’m teaching and we’re having fun as we interact. It’s a class. Not a recipe. The classes have been so popular that they’ve old out in less than 24 hours. The class recordings are a way that folks can still experience the class even though they are sold out. It’s completely optional! You can find over 200 of my recipes online on my website, YouTube channel and on Diet Doctor. Never feel obligated to purchase anything except real food. 🙂

    • I don’t think 10.00 is unreasonable at all…if you want to get it for free like you said, use the internet. I love Kristie’s cooking classes but since I work part time, I am always too late to register for the live class, so I am more than happy to pay 10.00 for it.

  2. I didn’t realize this was available after each class. I couldn’t participate in the Tiramisu. Can we buy older classes? Thank you!

    • You should be able to in July when they move to a new platform. It’s been a huge effort for them.

  3. I would love to get the recording of Online Class: Keto Rolls without Rolls sponsored by Tuit Nutrition. I just clicked the link to buy the separate recording. It ways I can’t. How do I get it? I have tried many recipes and found them disappointing. I would love a good recipe.

  4. I ordered the recording for the rolls. But I have not received the recording yet. Can someone help me with that please?

  5. Yes it is. But on my phone it says email failed. So I tried again and the same thing happened but my payment went through

    • I contacted them on your behalf and they said they have emailed you. Please check your email.
      Also, please check the spelling on the email address you sent. The correct email is

      • That is the email I gave them. The email is likely going to your spam or junk email folders. Please search for the word Chibo. Many folks have found their emails in junk folders. I’m not sure why gmail sends them there but it does at times

  6. My spam and junk folders are empty. So I am giving up on this. Thank you for your help though. You have been most kind.

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